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Chet has been active in many community groups around Columbus, founding the Australian Rules Football club, working as the Short North Civic Association administrator, singing with the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus, and now leading the charge to make car2go’s carsharing service part of the local cultural fabric.

Lazzie Bears

Growing up, my parents busted out the softest, most cuddly bears in the world over the holidays. To this day, I resurrect these stuffed animal treasures from Lazarus while finding a home for discards I see at garage sales and thrift stores.

Swapping Postcards

I’m still pen pals with travelers I’ve met while backpacking my way around the world. When friends or family send me a postcard, it goes up on my Wall of the World, and I return the favor with one from Columbus or one of my recent trips.

Adidas Superstars

OK, so I’m (still?) a late bloomer on the fashion front — totally missed the boat in middle/high school and didn’t get my first pair of these classics ’til I was in college. But I stick with these throwbacks because they’re versatile enough for my sporting, dancing and hiking adventures.


My all-time favorite record — and yes, I still play the LP — showcases songs that are stripped down to the bare-bone essentials. One man crying out with a guitar and harmonica. He weaves stories of dreamers surviving on hope alone, like a boss.

West Familydragshows

When I want entertainment with just about everything, I look no further than Nina & Virginia West’s events. The art of female impersonation combines choreographed dancing, playful improv, fun storylines, sing-a-long karaoke, and flashy performances — all in high heels and lots of ductape. #propsladies

Chet Ridenour

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