What Are You Wearing? Drag king Jamz Dean

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Editor’s note: Look familiar? That’s last week’s What Are You Wearing? subject Jamie Sommer.

Name: Jamz Dean, AKA Baby Daddy New Year

Age: Ageless

Hometown: Wheeling, West Virginia

Neighborhood: Alley behind Axis Nightclub

Job: Famous Columbus drag king

Describe your style: "Custodial Cowboy"

Style icons: "Villains, cowboys, Ernest P. Worrell, Chip and Dale dancers, Captain James Hook"

Boots: "From down by the river."

Body hair: "By my mother."

Hat: "Stolen from a caroler."

Disco balls: From the collection of Elton John.

Hair: Regularly conditioned with Mane and Tail and mop water

Teeth: By a diet of Sugar Babies and gummy dinosaurs.

Facial hair: "Chops are sexy."

Sash: From The Garden. "Self vandalized by Jamz Dean."

Bowtie and cuffs: From The Garden

Booty shorts: From The Chamber

Photos by Meghan Ralston