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The light, though still some ways off in that proverbial tunnel, is finally visible for Sarah Bryant and her Pattycake Bakery cohorts. The bakery recently became a worker-owned cooperative and by the end of this month Bryant said its long-planned City Beet Café will resolve parking issues that should clear the way for renovations to the next-door realty business where it’ll be located. All of which means that by this spring Bryant said she expects the café to finally open for business. These are a few of her favorite things.


I have a total sweet tooth. [laughs] When I visit other places, [vegan donuts] are always on my list. I really like Destination’s Red Raspberry Hibiscus. I feel like she’s the Jeni's of donuts: She's so sweet and the flavors are so unique.


I think the first time I saw her stuff was at Wholly Craft. Since then I've seen her vending at fleas and other various holiday events. I really like that she uses or reclaims vintage pieces. It's also cool that it's based out of Columbus. It's nice to support a local person. I really like her rings specifically. I have a couple — they're really simple but classic.


My house is covered in all kinds of [Mute and Gold] prints. [Addie Cheges] hand-draws them and then water-color paints them. I like them because they're always things I like — like cats or biking things — and that I'm drawn to anyway. I also like that it looks like an illustration; it doesn’t look like someone did it on a computer. I like her style, how she uses little banners and flowers around things, the attention to detail, the accents.


I love sci-fi. I find it really interesting, and this is a really interesting concept because I feel like it hasn't been done on TV before; cloning isn't something that's been touched on a lot in television. It's a strong female lead and she's playing all these clones, so this one actor is playing these different characters. She discovers she's a clone on accident because she sees another woman who looks like her. Then there’s a clone who struggles with being a pawn in this game; she struggles with her identity. I’m hooked.


Daughter is so awesome; I want more people to know how awesome they are. It’s mostly really slow, kind of Cat Power-ish. [Singer Elena Tonra] has this really haunting voice that's really depressing, which is awesome, and her lyrics are just, like, she's had so much heartbreak. They did a cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” How anyone could make that song sound so sad and depressing is awesome. It’s one of my favorite covers. They played in Columbus this year and the show was sold-out. It was totally packed. You could tell she was super shy. I like when I go to concerts and you can tell the artist is really grateful and appreciative of the crowd.

Sarah Bryant

Co-owner of Pattycake Bakery