Things We Love: Alive staff picks

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Columbus Alive


Rambling House Soda Pop

New Hudson Street watering hole features bluegrass, craft soda/beer and a delightfully unpretentious Appalachian aesthetic. Basically, perfection.


The"Veronica Mars" movie trailer

Last week, we got our first look at the Kickstarter-ed movie version of my favorite TV heroine this side of Buffy. C'mon, March 14.


Fingerless gloves

My friend crocheted a pair for me. I can now type and not be cold. Thanks, Catie!

Lauren K.:


Or anything that can keep me warm for more than 10 minutes.


"Game of Thrones"

One good thing about the flu is having time to binge-watch shows you somehow missed on first pass.


Free Air

It sucks paying 75 cents or a dollar just to fill up my leaky tire. Recently I've found a gas station (hint: It's associated with Giant Eagle) that offers air for free.


Metal shows!

Skeletonwitch is going to be brutal!


Circular knitting needles

Because knitting in the round means never having to do a pearl stitch.