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Columbus Alive

Like pot smokers everywhere, Miley Cyrus spent the Grammy Awards playing “Guitar Hero.” Her rendition of "War Pigs" was the best Black Sabbath appearance of the night.

In Adults Can't Have Anything News, some parents are angry that Beyonce and Jay Z danced sexily on national television at 8 p.m. Teens everywhere, meanwhile, Tweeted, Instagrammed, YouTubed and SnapChatted their parents' reactions.

“Glee” fans are upset that the Grammy Awards' "In Memoriam" role call misspelled actor Cory Monteith's last name. Even angrier are Slayer and Iron Maiden fans because both bands lost members last year (guitarist Jeff Hanneman and drummer Clive Burr), but they were not recognized in the montage. Angriest is everyone that Pharrell's hat was allowed to live.

Dan Aykroyd became a Mississippi county sheriff's deputy after he fell in love with the town while filming a James Brown biopic in which he plays the singer's manager. The general reaction to this news was this: When can Bill Murray run for president?

Quentin Tarantino filed a lawsuit against Gawker Media because a Gawker website allegedly leaked his latest script, "The Hateful Eight." Tarantino said he probably won't even make the movie now. Meanwhile, Shia LaBeouf announced he has a new film in the works called "The Spiteful Number after Seven."