Maddie Etter: What Are You Wearing?

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Blouse: From Madewell. "My boyfriend bought this for me for my birthday. He has good taste. ... Madewell is my favorite place to shop. It's a great place for someone who doesn't have any inherent sense of style. They have great staple pieces; everything goes with everything else, and the pieces are really well made."

Pants: From Zara. "These have little owls on them. I love anything with a little animal print. I'm a big animal rights activist, so I guess that translates into clothes."

Jacket: From H&M. "I don't like to feel too feminine. It's just not me."

Necklaces: By Phyllis & Hazel, available at Substance. "I've always made jewelry. I've always had a need to make stuff. Working with metal is great. It's fun to hit stuff, set it on fire."

Cell phone case: From Society6.

Bracelets: By Phyllis & Hazel, available at Substance. "One says 'It'll be fine.' It's a family motto. ... My sister and I both wear one of these."

Orthoceras fossil ring: "I got this on a shopping trip in New York. My jewelry line is very industrial - copper, sterling silver and brass - but I've been really inspired lately by crystals and geology."

Lipstick: Media by MAC.

Name: Maddie Etter

Age: 25

Hometown: Marietta

Neighborhood: Downtown

Job: General manager at Substance; owner and designer for Phyllis & Hazel jewelry line.

Describe your style: "Colorful, modern, quirky."

Style icons: Eco-smart designer Samantha Pleet, designer Dusen Dusen