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Embarrassed by his recent outing as a plagiarist, actor Shia LaBeouf has been doing a lot of weird stuff. His latest antic was showing up at the Berlin premiere of his new movie “Nymphomaniac” — also starring Christian Slater and Uma Thurman — with a paper bag over his head. It read his Twitter mantra “I Am Not Famous Anymore.” Crazy, right? Christian Slater still gets work.

In the March issue of Marie Claire, actress Kristen Stewart opened up about cheating on her then-boyfriend (and “Twilight” co-star) Robert Pattinson. She said she has no regrets about any mistake she has made ever. She then promptly made another one by reading to the reporter a poem she wrote about her heart being a wiffle ball. #yolo!!

Despite the fact that “The Walking Dead” outranked the Olympics in viewer-count, a new Olympic sweetheart has emerged — Russian skater Julia Lipnitskaia. She’s amazing, and she’s only 15. Real-world 15, not Chinese gymnast 15.

In a super awkward/awesome interview with an L.A. TV reporter, legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson refused to let the reporter off the hook for confusing him with actor Laurence Fishburne during their interview. What’s most awkward is that the reporter still thinks he was interviewing Morgan Freeman.

American celebrity and entertainment news media is laughing at a French newspaper’s ludicrous claim that singer Beyonce is having an affair with President Barack Obama. “Our big scoop,” American media said, “is that Beyonce is having an affair with Shirley Temple!”

Shirley Temple died on Monday at age 85.