Pop Culture: Gossip This!

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During a conference for LGBT youth in Las Vegas, “Juno” actress Ellen Page came out as gay. The Twitterverse exploded with support for the actress’ courage but most people were like, “Where have you been, Ellen?”

Charlie Sheen got engaged to Brett Rossi, a former porno actress. Rossi will be Sheen’s fourth wife since 1995. Sheen’s soon-to-be fifth wife since 1995 is pissed.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will supposedly get married in May. On Mars probably. You’re not invited.

Rapper Drake caught some heat recently for saying on his Twitter that he was angry Rolling Stone stole his cover and, instead, ran an image of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. Drake then apologized in a lengthy post on his website in which he seemed genuinely sorry. See! Stars are just like us! Now, back to 100-pounders’ cellulite.

Twenty-two years after the original version made your mom learn to line dance, Billy Ray Cultural Appropriation Cyrus remade “Achy Breaky Heart” into a rap song with a rapper named Buck 22, and its video featured lots of young women twerking on a space ship.

Not being able to let things go must run in the family. Cyrus’ daughter Miley launched her Bangerz tour recently and during “Party in the USA” she pretends to give fellatio to Bill Clinton.

Rapper Lil’ Kim showed up to New York Fashion Week with a gorgeous baby bump, announcing that she is pregnant with her first child. At least, err, that is Lil’ Kim, right?