Pop Culture: Sports Bites

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Columbus Alive


Golak: Kyrie Irving was awarded the MVP of the highest-scoring All-Star Game in NBA history. When's he leaving Cleveland for Miami?

Sumukh: Presumably when he starts tanking games or when Jarrett Jack has an affair with one of his family members.


Sumukh: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he would be in favor of an NFL team located in London. Do you agree with Jerry's thoughts?

Golak: A European football team would be unique in that it'd probably be the only team in the league where the kicker gets the most post-game strange.


Golak: People keep talking about how hot the Russian women’s curling team is, but are they hot or hot for curlers? I just think, if it was the Russian beach volleyball team, attention would subside.

Sumukh: I think if we were watching the Russian beach volleyball team, the quality of beach volleyball would also subside.


Sumukh: LeBron James and Kobe Bryant have both mentioned this week which players in NBA history they think would be on their "Mount Rushmore." Golak, any other American landmarks that you'd like to compare sports figures to?

Golak: How about a large, snow-capped mountain in honor of Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden?