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Kardashian step-sister Kendall Jenner and One Direction singer Harry Styles broke up. Their schedules are reportedly to blame, not their inability to talk about anything but themselves.

Miley Cyrus "surprise" kissed Katy Perry during a concert performance on her new tour. Hey, ladies. 2003 called. It wants its scandal back ... actually, no, just keep it. Yawn.

"Bayside the Musical," a musical tribute parody to "Saved by the Bell," has opened off-Broadway. This is the best news since finding out Screech did porn.

Rocker Ted Nugent called President Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel" and kind of apologized for it, saying he didn't necessarily apologize to the president but to men better than himself. So every man.

Actors and couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are campaigning for a boycott against entertainment publications that buy and publish photos of celebrity's children. They're even using a clever hashtag — #pedorazzi. Celebrity parents are thankful that maybe only they will now be able to make money off of photos of their kids.

Actors Adam Brody (AKA Seth Cohen) and Leighton Meester (AKA Blair Waldorf) got married. Who's next? Juno and Janis Ian?!

FYI: Victoria Beckham got her breast implants removed. No biggie, she said. No biggie anymore, anyway.

A hair stylist is suing Nicki Minaj for $30 million saying the rapper violated his intellectual property by stealing his colorful wig designs. In a surprising twist, a representative for God said He will be bringing a suit against the hair stylist.

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