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Golak: Canada took down the U.S. in Men's Hockey at the Sochi Winter Games to advance to the gold medal game — which they subsequently won. I love the red, white and blue, but it's hockey, Canada deserves the win, right?

Sumukh: Sure. In that country, hockey is a religion. Also, didn't you mean "Canada deserves the win, EH?!" (I don't know anything about Canada.)


Sumukh: Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim went absolutely nuts and got ejected on Saturday night arguing with the refs in their game against Duke. What did you think of the reaction?

Golak: That's what gets you tossed from a game now?! Bob Knight must be rolling in his analyst desk. I knew the WWE went TV-PG, but I didn't know the NCAA did too.

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Golak: The NFL Combine was last week. I dig football, but who actually watched the live coverage of this? I'm really only interested in watching men workout for entertainment value if it's a training montage in a Rocky movie.

Sumukh: Based off the medical analysis he was getting on that treadmill, I would have pegged Ivan Drago as a 1st round pick.


Sumukh: Former Ohio State basketball player Evan Turner got traded by the Philadelphia 76ers to the Indiana Pacers at the NBA trade deadline. He went from one of the worst teams to one of the best. Are you excited for Turner?

Golak: I think it's a great fit for Turner. His amateur days will definitely help him fit in with the culture of being highly touted and then failing to capture championships that the Pacers have fostered over the years.