Fashion: What Are You Wearing, Katie Harriman?

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Columbus Alive

Pants: By J-Lo for Kohl’s. “I always dress based on my mood. When people ask me, ‘What should I wear?’ I always ask, ‘What do you feel?’”

Top: “I try to wear what works for my body. I will be riding the crop wave forever. I also love floral patterns, even if it looks a little old-ladyish. I dress kind of retro. I always have. My grandma saved a lot of her clothes from when she was young, and my mom’s house is like a giant closet that my friends and I always ‘shop’ from. That’s why my friends like me.”

Necklace: “This is probably my most cherished possession. My grandma’s first husband gave it to her before he went to war. He died in Korea. She passed away recently.”

Clutch: Saturday by Kate Spade from T.J.Maxx. “It was thirty bucks. Anyone with money can look fashionable. I try to put outfits on my blog [] that involve a deal somehow.”

Ring: “My boyfriend bought this for me in Italy. It looks like a gold turd but in a nice way. I thought that was kind of its charm.”

Earrings: From Eclectiques Antiques Mall in Clintonville. “I love that little area. We go shopping there often. I think people overlook the antique mall to find clothes because for the good stuff you really have to dig.”

Bracelets: “I got the timepiece at Comfest. Who knows where the rest are from? A lot of my crap is just a mystery.”

Shoes: From Marshalls. “I used to be all heels all the time but I broke my ankle a couple years ago, walking in my apartment in tennis shoes of all things.”

Lipstick: Palm Beach by Trish McEvoy.

Photos by Meghan Ralston

Name: Katie Harriman

Age: 27

Hometown: Marion

Neighborhood: Upper Arlington

Job: Photographer, copywriter; founder of

Instagram: @KatieLaner

Style Icons: Grandma, Mom, Miss Piggy ("She wore whatever she felt like, that pig.")

Describe your style: "Dependent on my mood."