Pop Culture: Sports Bites

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive


Golak: Major League Baseball is implementing rule changes this upcoming season that will essentially eliminate home-plate collisions. The league says the rule changes are being implemented to improve player safety. I believe the rule changes were brought on after the unsatisfying ending to "A League of Their Own."

Sumukh: Maybe they'll also toss in a rule change against profanity on the mound to counter the satisfying ending of "Major League."


Sumukh: New York Knicks guard Raymond Felton was arrested on gun charges last week. He said his presence will not be a "distraction to the team." What do you think?

Golak: Why are NBA players still packing felony-level amounts of heat? Gilbert Arenas is out of the league. You should feel safe now. And no, this won't cause a distraction. The Knicks should be able to continue losing consistently even with this on the table.


Golak: Multiple mock drafts have quarterback Teddy Bridgewater being selected by the Cleveland Browns in the first round of the 2014 NFL draft. Worse curse, the Madden Cover Curse or the Being A Quarterback Drafted By The Cleveland Browns Curse?

Sumukh: Being A Quarterback Drafted By The Cleveland Browns Curse. At least players that have fallen victim to the Madden Cover Curse won Super Bowls and had otherwise long careers. Being a quarterback drafted by the Cleveland Browns allows you to win a future local sports-radio gig.


Sumukh: The Fritz Pollard Alliance is pushing the NFL to ban use of the N-word by its players. This has sparked a debate among players, pundits and fans. But, if this happens in sports, shouldn't it happen in other realms of culture as well, particularly hip-hop?

Golak: Hip-hop? Let's start with removing that word from country music first. Particularly concerts attended by Riley Cooper.