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Jay-Z is supposed to be Kanye West’sbest man during West’s wedding to Kim Kardashian; however, Jay-Z refuses to participate if the wedding will be filmed for the Kardashian reality show. What a pal.

Speaking of Kim and Kanye, as part of their prenuptial agreement, Kim will receive $1 million for every year she remains married to Kanye. That deal only lasts until she hits $10 million, though. Bets are on for this thing to last at least 10 years, then.

Actors Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston were spotted having lunch together so we can all stop worrying about her spinster vagina cobwebs.

Ke$ha has returned from rehab and has asked to no longer be called Ke$ha. Please now refer to her as Kesha. Pronounced the same, but with less slurring.

In New York Magazine, actress Elisabeth Moss (Peggy from “Mad Men”) described her brief 2010 marriage to Fred Armisen (one half “Portlandia”) as “extremely traumatic.” Armisen has also admitted in previous interviews that he was kind of a bad dude to her. The lead was buried though: The final season of “Mad Men” starts April 13!

OK, so remember 10 years ago when singer Aaron Carter dated actress Hilary Duff? Well, he did and then got bored and cheated on her with Lindsay Lohan. What a fool! At least that’s what he says. Carter tweeted a painfully honest statement last week that Duff was the love of his life and he was a turbodouche for losing her. Yikes. But at least he beat Shaq. Remember??