Things We Love: Matthew Heaggan's picks

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Matt Heaggans’ “Star Wars” T-shirt and baggy chef’s pants gave him away upon our introductions. The rest of his Things We Love picks pretty much followed those interests. Heaggans’ food truck, Swoop, returns to Columbus streets this week with a streamlined menu and new focus: twice-cooked chicken wings. The truck’s first outing will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday for lunch at 1400 Goodale Blvd. And you can always catch his delectables at the BeBe pop-up at Hey Hey Bar. As always, head to for the rest of Heaggans’ picks.

Matt Swint’s bread

Something that not everybody knows about is Matt Swint. He makes the best bread in the city. I feel special right now because he kind of only makes them for us and Strongwater and Blue & Fig. A lot of us worked at the food court, so he was baking bread and tearing off hunks and handing it to us. It was like an eye-opening experience. Bread’s good and most people like bread, but it’s just such an extraordinary product. He makes a brioche roll for us at Hey Hey, and it’s ridiculous. It’s almost like a ball of butter, but it’s got this durable crust that is perfect for a burger. You can hold your sandwich, and it doesn’t get soggy. Snagging a couple of those when they come in the kitchen or right after he’s made it is definitely the highlight of my job.

Walking Date Night

It’s what everyone’s doing right now but so what? “The Walking Dead.” Sunday night at Studio 35. My girlfriend and I go there, and we call it The Walking Date Night. We have a couple beers and an awesome pretzel — I don’t know where they get it from, but it’s amazing — and we chill-out for a while. On a weekly basis, it’s my favorite thing. It’s cool because it’s close enough to walk there, when it’s not freezing cold. That was the initial plan, but the first day we walked outside and were like, “There’s no way ’cause it’s, like, 4 degrees.”

Movie and TV show soundtracks

Especially anything by Bear McCreary. He came to my attention when I was watching, long after all the other nerds were done with it, “Battlestar Galactica.” I picked it up, like, “What’s this thing on the ground? Oh, awesome.” I thought it was a good show, but what really tied me to it more after it got a little extra ridiculous, which is tough for a show set in space, was the soundtrack. Every time I’d hear the music or think about the music from a specific scene, it’s not the content of the scene that comes back to me but how it made me feel. He’s really good at that.

Modernist Cuisine

I read a lot, and right now the most interesting thing I’m reading is the “Modernist Cuisine.” I made this pledge that I was going to read it from beginning to end, so I started that a couple weeks ago. I’m through Vol. 1. It’s very interesting, but it’s a lot like being in class. I take frequent breaks, like, “I need a second, my head’s full.”

Impero Coffee Roasters

It’s rare for me to have a chance to grab a cup of coffee and chill-out. Impero’s a little off the beaten path; it’s not right in the middle of everything. If I have time off, it’s Sunday or Monday, so Monday, around the time I want to have a cup of coffee, I can squeeze out some space at Impero. I kind of dig the underground, the different, the off-the-beaten-path things in general.

Matt Heaggans

Culinary director, Swoop Food Group