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Columbus Alive

The Internets sparked an untrue death rumor last weekend about Wayne Knight, the actor who played the homosapien bad guy in "Jurassic Park" and Newman on "Seinfeld." Knight spoke up on Twitter that he was still alive and well, like it or not, and that the reports that he had died in a car crash were untrue. George Costanza is reportedly pretty upset the rumors weren't about him.

In predictable news, singer Chris Brown was dismissed from his anger management rehabilitation program and was thusly arrested for breaking probation. While in custody he tweeted a teaser for his latest music video, "Loyal." He might hit and throw things, but you bitches better have some values, alludes song.

In unpredictable news, actress Kat Dennings spoke out in defense of fellow actress Lindsay Lohan. Rumor had it that Lohan had been miserable to work with during her recent appearance on "Two Broke Girls." Dennings schooled all you lying jerks and said, "Lindsay was prepared, sweet to everyone and professional." #lohancomeback2014

Love is officially a farce as actually respectable reality television couple Amy and Matt Roloff, the little people parents on TLC's "Little People, Big World," announced a trial separation after 26 years of marriage. 

In South by Southwest news, cops arrested Tyler the Creator for inciting a riot during his set, and Lady Gaga let a performance artist puke on her in a metaphorical statement about eating disorders, which is kind of interesting art-wise if you can get over all your eyerolling about it. Let's just all be thankful this performance was not with R. Kelly.