Q&A: Sid Blair, buttcrack selfie sensation

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Being an ass can land you on time.com, if you're an ass that happens to be hanging out of pants and Columbus native Sid Blair is around. The rapper/gamer's "artfully positioned" selfies from a Virginia "Magic The Gathering" convention went viral, setting off a string of events that would leave Blair and his cohorts completely dumbfounded. Whatever happens, Blair just wants to rap with Action Bronson.

I have a weird sense of humor. My friends and I are into '90s hip-hop, and we think it's funny to pose like the guys on those CD covers. We call that "hard style." I take pictures doing that with all kinds of dumb stuff. I'm straight edge, so I have to find some way to stay entertained [since I don't drink]. I really didn't think anybody outside of my friends would find it entertaining.

I was actually playing at the"Magic The Gathering" convention where I took the pictures. News outlets have said I'm a rapper who crashed the convention. I am a rapper, but I was there to play. After I was done, I just went around busting out "hard style" next to some buttcracks and posting pictures of them with Bible verses and random captions like, "booty got me swoll." I wasn't trying to make fun of anybody at the convention; I am a "Magic The Gathering" fan too. I just thought it was funny to take some pictures next to their cracks.

I woke up the morning after I posted the pictures to more than 100 notifications. I got calls, emails, Facebook messages, everything. I had no idea why. I returned my Dad's call first. He said, "Did you know you're on Time Magazine's website?" I said, "I was unaware, Dad." I got online and saw how it had blown up. I was shocked.

The photos got me banned from playing "Magic." I got an email saying I was suspended from playing competitive "Magic" for 18 months. It was nuts because a guy who was caught cheating when a lot of cash was on the line only got suspended for six months. My pictures weren't trying to hurt anyone; it was just me being silly. I've even had a couple death threats over this dumb stuff. But I got some positive support too. Michael Ian Black said it was comedy gold. Even a couple of the guys in the pictures messaged me and told me how funny it was.

Being known as the"buttcrack guy" on the internet is pretty hilarious. My friends and I do crazy stuff all the time and it's actually surprising this group of pictures got noticed the way it did. It's funny that of all things, this is what got me "internet fame" - if that's even a real thing. I never intended for anything to come out of my silly pictures, but if anything does, I hope I get to rap with Action Bronson. I remember watching a video of him rapping in a retirement home and I realized he and I were on the same wavelength. If I had been born in Queens, maybe I'd be Action Bronson and he'd be the buttcrack guy.

Age: 23

Hometown: Delaware, Ohio

Current Neighborhood: Clintonville

Day Job: Business owner

Currently Listening to: Bayside, Action Bronson, Body Count

Website: freshbreezemovement.bandcamp.com

Playing favorites:

Favorite Restaurant: Mad Mex

Favorite Movie: "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Favorite Junk Food: Samoa cookies

Favorite thing about Columbus: "The diversity."

You can normally find me: Playing "Magic" or reading about things on the internet.

Favorite Famous Cat: Colonel Meow (RIP)