Pop Culture: Sports Bites

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Columbus Alive


Golak: Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is, deservedly so, under crazy heat after racist comments he made on a phone call to his girlfriend surfaced via recordings of the call. [Editor’s note: Sterling recently received a lifetime ban from the NBA.] Protests and strong words have been laid down by NBA alum, like Magic and Jordan, current superstars, like LeBron, and even current Clippers players — is Sterling the most hated man in sports today?

Sumukh: He has to be. He's proven himself to be an old, rich, white male racist who commits adultery and takes advantage of the poor. There's basically no demographic that could like him other than him.


Sumukh: John E. Williams III, a longtime 49ers fan from Las Vegas, is suing the NFL for $50 million because the Seahawks restricted ticket sales to six Pacific Northwest states and Canada for the NFC Championship game, which made Williams unable to buy a ticket online. He alleges this is a violation and gave the Seahawks an unfair advantage. Does Williams have a case and should he expect $50 million?

Golak: He lives in Vegas. He has better odds taking Seattle giving points any game next year than banking on this suit.


Golak: The SEC is mandating that, as of the 2016 season, all its football teams play at least one non-conference game against a school from one of the other four power conferences. Is this edict — especially if it catches on in the other big conferences — a good thing for college football?

Sumukh: Such a rule will obviously draw more money to the games, and if we know anything about the power conferences in college football, money above all else is a good thing.


Sumukh: Regardless of how the Blue Jackets-Penguins series played out, Game 4 was one for the Columbus history books, but it couldn't have happened without Marc-Andre Fleury's mishandling of the puck in the final minute of the third period. How do you rank this gaffe among sports playoff mistakes?

Golak: It was on the CBJ. If they could've strung something together, they could have made him Buckner-esque. Welcome to the "Next Year" Club of Ohio sports franchises, Jackets!