Things We Love: Growl's Adam McFadden's picks

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Clintonville’s latest growler-fill shop has been open almost two months now, and while the High Street location is waiting for a license that will allow you to enjoy a pint on-site, bartender Adam McFadden is more than happy to offer samples or simply fill your growler. I talked to Adam recently in the beautifully adorned beer shop about a few of his favorite things. For the full list, head to

Skillet’s brunch

Skillet’s [brunch] is top-notch, the best I’ve ever had. Skillet stands out because you have the whole package: Local food made by genuinely nice people in a small establishment. I don’t have a go-to dish, which is what I love about Skillet. They change their menu daily, weekly, whenever they get new ingredients. Half the time I’m there I ask [waiter] Craig [Long] what’s good and he tells me and I eat it. I’m always impressed with what they can do with a simple pancake. They had a paw-paw pancake once; stuff you don’t see anywhere else.

Home-brewed drinks

Wine, cider, beer — I brew my own, but I can’t say I’ve brewed as much as I wished. But I have friends who are really into it and turning out new brews consistently. I think that’s what I like about homebrewing, I can enjoy it and talk to my friends and be there when they’re making it. I’ve had some homebrews that are just as good as some beers I can buy, and I’ve had some that aren’t quite as good, but you always get a good story out of it. My first beer I brewed was an espresso stout. I think I might try to do a gose or some kind of German-style next.

CoGo Bikeshare

I can’t say I personally use it that much, because I have a few bikes of my own that I use. But I really like the idea of it, that you have this really connected network throughout the city and you can go from station to station. It raises a lot of awareness for biking because you see them all over the place now. I think it’s putting biking and commuting by bicycle into the light of a viable means of transportation. It makes it more accessible and is reaching people who didn’t before think that would be a mode of transportation they’d use.

My dog, Willow

I adopted my dog about half a year ago from the Franklin County Dog Shelter. They’ve had some bad press recently, but my dog’s a wonderful dog. She kind of just caught my eye. I had in mind I wanted to get an older dog — she’s five years old — but beyond that I knew I wanted the dog to weigh more than 10 pounds. I take her down to the dog park at the Audobon every once in a while, and walk her around the Olentangy trail a lot. I had to start putting her on the leash more often when she started chasing deer down there. I take her out climbing with me in Kentucky and West Virginia. She’s pretty good about that, as long as she doesn’t follow me up the cliff, which she somehow did once. That was interesting, but it all worked out.

Mission Coffee Co.

It’s a dog friendly place, and besides that the people are truly nice. Good coffee, nothing too crazy about it. Just a really good straight pour-over. That’s what I’m looking for when I go for coffee. I like the atmosphere a lot, too. It’s been my Saturday morning place of choice.

Adam McFadden

Age: 23

Hometown: Millersburg, Ohio

Neighborhood: Campus/Clintonville edge

Job: Bartender at Growl!


2995 N. High St., Clintonville