Pop Culture: Gossip This!

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Princes Harry and Charles visited Memphis to attend a wedding for a friend of theirs (they have real friends?). While in the area, the two toured the home of a real king, Elvis Presley’s Graceland. ’Merica! Go home, loyalists! Wait, the redhead can stay!

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino supposedly banned actor and notorious table shark Ben Affleck for counting cards (although the casino “bosses” now say that’s not true). We’re sure this silly incident was all just one big method acting endeavor. Or that he’s visiting rehab very soon.

James Franco swears on his mother’s life he never had sex with Lindsay Lohan. His mother is very proud.

Instagram asked Rihanna to stop posting naked photos of herself on the app. Follow her on Twitter instead.

Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton thinks you guys have been focusing too much on her boobs, you pigs. Her butt deserves just as much attention, she said in an interview for a behind-the-scenes look at the magazine’s swimsuit edition.

A bunch of fancy celebrities dressed up super fancy for an even fancier gala you will never go to. And despite its reputation as the red carpet where the weirder you dress the better, nothing at the Met Costume Institute Gala could trump the strangest, most fabulous celebrity accoutrement of the weekend: Olympic-skater-turned-America’s-kept-pool-house-guest Johnny Weir’s Pegasus hat that he wore on Derby day. All the gay points to Johnny.