Q&A: The Wexner Center's Kellie Morgan

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Add "Community Outreach and Marketing Manager" to Kellie Morgan's envy-worthy resume right after "Used Kids Records associate."

After working for the Brooklyn Museum, Drag City Records, deejaying, party publicist at an indie record label, and even doing time as a New York nanny, the self-proclaimed vinyl junkie with the robust record collection is returning to the Arch City to bring her talents to The Wexner Center for the Arts.

I've wanted to work at The Wexner Center since I was 18. I went to Ohio State, and while I was in school I loved everything The Wex did. It's such an active institution in Columbus that engages the community. My previous experience in Chicago and New York with music and curating interdisciplinary art directly pertain to my job responsibilities here. I don't want to sound like a kiss-ass, but the best part of my job is the people. Everybody that works here at The Wex is really interesting.

My goal isto broaden guests' experiences at The Wexner Center.I want people who come here to see films or for a performance to learn about the exhibits and whatever else we have going on. I want to provide multiple points of entry for people. Right now we are working on partnerships with campus groups and increased engagement. I want to reach people we've never connected with before, and show the people who already frequent The Wex we have a lot going on.

Columbus has an amazingly robust music scene. A huge reason I decided to move back to Columbus was because the things I am drawn to in the art and music world have deep roots here. Art and music go hand in hand. It's really hard to focus on making art or music when you can't pay your rent. Columbus is just as vibrant a city as New York or Chicago, but without all the set-backs. It's amazing what musicians and creative people can do when they don't have boundaries like an extremely high cost of living. Honestly, I just wanted to be here.

I'll still spend my weekends working at Used Kids Records. I have a record collection that is about 2,400strong right now. I am obsessed with collecting vinyl records. Even with the new job at The Wex, I'm keeping my weekend job at Used Kids Records. I can't give it up! That place is a Columbus institution. I just love being in there and thumbing through records. Apparently "High Fidelity" was loosely based on Drag City Records, where I used to work. If you were wondering, my collection is organized alphabetically, not autobiographically.

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Kellie Morgan

Age: 29

Hometown: Cleveland

Current neighborhood: Washington Beach

Day job: Outreach and marketing manager at The Wexner Center for the Arts

Currently listening to: Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

Playing favorites

Favorite Restaurant: Giuseppe's Ritrovo

Favorite drink: Anything concocted by Chelsea at Ace of Cups

Favorite TV show: "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Favorite Movie: "Ms. 45"

Best way to spend $10: Two coffees from Kafe Kerouac and a record from Used Kids

Favorite fashion accessory: Manners