Pop Culture: Sports Bites

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Columbus Alive


Golak: California Chrome thought he would not be able to snag the Triple Crown with a nasal strip the horse uses possibly being disallowed at Belmont. Thank goodness the NFL didn't have a similar policy in the early '90s or Ricky Watters might not have a Super Bowl ring, right?

Sumukh: Ricky Watters? That's quite a reference for our readers to handle. I feel like this is a trap on your part just so I could end up referencing Watters' Super Bowl XXIX counterpart, Natrone Means, whose name is so great, I'm not sure the average person would be able to determine on paper if he's a running back or a thoroughbred horse.


Sumukh: Phil Jackson says he will wait on picking a head coach for the New York Knicks until after current player Derek Fisher finishes his playoff run for the Oklahoma City Thunder so that he can talk to him about the position. Steve Kerr turned the job down. Now, the Knicks wait on Fisher, who hasn't even retired yet. What could possibly be next for the Knicks?

Golak: If they wanted to do something really outrageous, they could win a championship.


Golak: Kevin Love told the Timberwolves that he's going to test the free agent market. Do you see him sticking, going somewhere else to build or ring hunting like former Wolves' powerhouse Kevin Garnett?

Sumukh: I see him partnering with some other All-Stars in a sunny place to try to win a title. That sounds like someone really familiar, except he wasn't kind enough to put in a one-year notice to his team.


Sumukh: Brandon Marshall signed a three-year contract extension with the Chicago Bears. He decided to sign it on ABC's "The View." If you could make a major life choice on a TV show, which show would you pick?

Golak: "Family Feud." Or "The Steve Harvey Show." Basically, anything hosted by Steve Harvey.