Things We Love: Columbus Eagles FC's Corie Moore's picks

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

Columbus Eagles FC joined the Women's Premier Soccer League, a second-tier pro-am league, earlier this year, and its home opener arrives this Sunday at 2 p.m. at Wellington High School. With that in mind, we thought it'd be a perfect time to touch in with Corie Moore, an Ohio native playing along the back line for the Eagles. These are a few of her favorite things.


When I was a kid, I always pointed at horses in fields, so my mom just up and bought a horse one day while getting her hair done. I can tell you the exact day; it was April Fool's. I started doing lessons, and the trainer suggested I start going to shows. Then I got really into showing. I actually won World last year with my three year old (he's now four), Gus. I train all my own horses, and like taking them from nothing and then seeing them flourish into an adult. Being able to control such a large animal is very thrilling and rewarding.


I can't wait for the [men's] World Cup, though I'm more involved with the women's [World Cup] because all my former teammates play for the women's side. The first World Cup I watched was in '99, when the U.S. [women's team] won the World Cup. I actually got to play against Brandi Chastain [who famously won the World Cup with a penalty kick]. She was on one of the pro teams I played against. [The World Cup win] opened the gate for everything. Back then, we didn't have anything to look up to besides the national team. Right after that, they started the women's professional league.


I have to have chocolate at every meal, including breakfast. I ate half a chocolate cake for breakfast one day. I like milk chocolate mainly; I don't like dark chocolate. But if it's Malley's chocolate in Cleveland, that's my favorite in the state. My friend from Australia, her mom's Swedish, so she'll ship me Swedish chocolate and that's really really good, too.


My parents took me camping for years, and my dad's huge into hiking. Up by my house, there's a place called Nelson Ledges, and you can jump from boulder to boulder and see the different cliffs. This weekend, I went down to Hocking Hills where I went horseback camping and hiking. My favorite hike was definitely in Colorado, Horsetooth Mountain. I played on the Colorado Force soccer team for the summer, and we used to go hiking all the time as a team. The mountain actually looked like a horse's tooth.

FORD F-350

I'm a truck girl. I'm from the country, and have known how to haul since I was little. I like the powerstrokers. I don't have one of my own on my teacher's salary, but I borrow my parents'. One day I'll have my own, along with a horse trailer.

Corie Moore

Defender for Columbus Eagles FC

Hometown: Aurora, Ohio

Neighborhood: Polaris