Fashion: What Are You Wearing, Vikki V.?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

iPhone cover: From Etsy. "I call it my muff. I shampoo and condition and blow dry it."

Shoes: By Michael Kors. "I like basics. I have a pair in black and gold, too."

Hair: "I used to play bass in a local indie band. After we broke up, I bought a blonde wig and decided to go for being a rapper like I wanted. I released my new album in May. I love rap. In rap, everyone's a boss, whether you are or not."

Leggings: From Express. "Leggings are pants. Camel toes happen and I don't even care."

Shirt: From Kingsrowe. "I'm actually wearing this T-shirt backward. She's supposed to be on the back but deserves the front."

Necklace: From Express. "I love white and gold. It's classy and you can do it up any way."

Jacket: From Express.

Hat: From $un$et.Vintage.Flex ( 

Tattoos: By Evolved.

Microdermal chest piercing: By Evolved.

Nails: By Kim at CK Nails in Grandview. "It's kind of an abusive relationship. Sometimes I just get what I get. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

Lipstick: Vision In Violet by Maybelline Color Elixir.

Vikki V.

Age: 26

Job: Rapper

Hometown: Columbus

Neighborhood: Weinland Park

Favorite spring trend: "All white long nails with gold finger rings."

Style icons: Pinterest

Describe you style: "Classy and urban."

Photoshoot song of choice: "Fashion On," by Vikki V. (