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Jeni Britton Bauer’s new recipe book aims to put the power of her delicious treats in your hands. In “Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts,” she presents more than 100 recipes that you can adapt in whatever way you want (Jeni calls this “freestyling” in the book). Everything from ice creams (with or without dairy!) to custards, cakes to cast-iron pancakes, and crunchy Gravel toppings to gooey sauces, are included. We spoke recently about a few of her favorite things.

Ruby Wing Glitter Color-Changing Nail Polish

It’s super gold [when I’m] inside, but when I get out in the sun, it’s bright red. It completely changes, and every time it does, it shocks me. I will always say something about [the nail polish] if I’m with somebody. I’ll always point it out, no matter who it is. If I’m walking with the mayor, I’ll be like, “You have to look at this.” I love it.

“Fancy” by Iggy Azalea

I probably listened to that song 50 times before I came here. When I like a song, I listen to it ’til it’s dead. It depends on the song, sometimes it can stick around for a year. I had one year — I mean a whole year, and I’m not exaggerating — I listened to only Foreigner. I love pop music, whether it’s pop-rock, pop-country, pop-pop. I love it because it’s so forward and strong and energetic. And I needed that today. A lot of times I’ll be writing and I get stuck. I need something to just pull me out of that, and that’s the kind of song that does that.

Ryecroissants with marmaladeat Pistacia Vera

I wake up sometimes just thinking about those. It has caraway seeds on top of it, which is my favorite ingredient. I could toast a bag of caraway and take it to the movies and eat it. The Pistacia Vera rye croissant, the caraway’s on top, and their marmalade is just perfect. It goes so perfectly together. If you’ve not had one, you should get one. You’ll feel very civilized, but in a Midwestern way.

Daniel Clowes at the Wex

I didn’t know about him ’til now, but that’s the Wexner Center. Even when William Wegman was here, I thought, “Oh, how pedestrian. I don’t need to go see more pictures of dogs.” But … I was blown away. William Wegman is now on my top 10 list of artists because of these postcard things he did. I had no idea. And every time you go to the Wexner Center you learn so much about something you have no idea about, or even if you think you know you learn so much. I think I absorbed, on first viewing, the colors [Clowes uses]. I was motivated by that. I’m getting into summer, and I’m doing this whole collection of the Midwest, and I was really looking at his colors, how they pop each other out.

Rose in a claycarafe

I was in New York this week, and it was warm and I had rose in a clay carafe. I love rose in the summer. I’m a cheap wine drinker. When it turns summer, I really love it even more. They gave me this clay pitcher of rose, and I felt like I was in absolute heaven. It felt like I could have been sitting in ancient Rome. It made me want to go out and find a clay pitcher for wine, because I feel like it probably keeps the wine cold outside.

Jeni Britton Bauer

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