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The remaining two Beastie Boys denied Arnold Schwarzenegger the right to use their song "Sabotage" in the actor's new movie project. Read: They turned down a lot of money to respect the late Beastie Adam "MCA" Yauch's request to never license his music commercially.

On the opposite end of the artistic standards spectrum, Katy Perry released a new perfume that, if you believe what you read on (duh!), is "bound to cause a revolution." Royal Revolution, the Perry fragrance, is about, according to the fragrance house's global marketing VP, "female empowerment and breaking the rules." That'll be $59, please.

Famed director Oliver Stone is set to direct a biopic about famed and shamed whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Justin Bieber made a racist joke when he was 15 and a video of it went viral last week. Bieber paused his run through the wringer long enough to apologize and protest that he was a kid who made a mistake. Just another day to thank whatever you thank that you were not a child star. 

Actual racist Donald Sterling announced he is suing the NBA for $1 billion. He then put his pinky to his mouth, cackled and rode off on his Segway. 

Actual feminist Pharrell said he couldn't be a feminist because he is a man. Let's all just blame the silly hat and Robin Thicke.

Sandra Bullock and (much younger actor/Captain America) Chris Evans are reportedly dating. Evans had a huge childhood crush on Bullock. It's about as adorable as when John Mayer got to date his childhood crush Jennifer Aniston. Or like when Sinead O'Connor got to date herself.