Pop Culture: Sports Bites

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Columbus Alive

Ball so meh

Golak: The San Antonio Spurs have a chance to win their fifth NBA Title in 11 years. That would make them the most prolific team in that time span. Are the dynasty-like Spurs too often overlooked because of their "boring" style of play?

Sumukh: Only true basketball fans appreciate the Spurs for who they are and what they've accomplished. Unless Tim Duncan comes out with a sex tape, the general public will always think the Spurs have a "boring style of play."

Fired sale

Sumukh: The Los Angeles Clippers are set to be sold to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion. What are you more surprised by: that the Sterling family will get away with such a huge sale or that the guy who made so many mistakes while being the head of Microsoft is still that rich?

Golak: I'll never be surprised with the wackadoo things rich guys do/get away with. I am surprised that a former Microsoft CEO is sinking $2 billion into something I think everyone can recognize as the Zune of the NBA.

Big shoes to fill

Golak: Skechers signed racehorse California Chrome to a sponsorship deal. Do you think anyone will be trampled waiting in line for the new "Chromes" or does Jordan have nothing to worry about?

Sumukh: Let's just say if Skechers actually releases a California Chrome shoe, it's heading directly to the shoe section at T.J. Maxx, which means as a kid, I would have worn these shoes.

Runaway bribe

Sumukh: An investigator is looking into Qatar's 2022 World Cup bid and the possibility that it was given by FIFA via "bribery and improper influence." We get angry at the NCAA, but between this, gambling rings, and racism/hooliganism, is soccer truly the most corrupt sport?

Golak: Similar scandal rumors have surrounded the Olympics for years. When you expand sport to the international level, you expand the negative influences as well. That's why World Cup-level soccer will always be one of the most corrupt sports on the planet, but will never overtake the all-time leader, war.