Things We Love: Robert Grimmett's picks

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It’s no secret those of us at Alive love Robert Mason, Downtown’s hip office supply store. We selected founder/owner Robert Grimmett as part of 2013’s People to Watch class after all. In part, that selection was due to Grimmett’s hustle, having started the business as a 12 year old in West Virginia. Though the store is temporarily closed due to an April fire, Grimmett’s been hard at work relaunching his website and setting up pop-up shops at various events. This summer he hopes to announce his store’s new downtown location, which he expects to open before the year ends. As always, these are a few of Grimmett’s favorite things.

Biking to clear my head

It’s a new love of mine. I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was 9 or 10 maybe. I was a marathon runner for years, and was one of those who converted to biking. Each day I look forward to it like a kid. I ride every single night and I do the exact same path: Gay Street to the Olentangy Trail and then to Antrim [Park], and I just lay there. That’s huge for me right now. On the weekends, I’ll lay up there for hours. I’ll get a sunburn from it. It’s not crowded, it’s this weird secret oasis. I’m afraid to tell people to go there.

Café Brioso

That’s my sweet treat. Going there two to three times a day is my thing. I just drink normal coffee. I’m a ’holic. Light roast. The more caffeine the better. They’re roasting it there, and that’s an authentic experience, which is so important to me in almost everything.

Market 65

I never vary. I get the same exact thing, the create-your-own: salmon … grapes or cranberries, roasted corn, black beans, chickpeas, mozzarella. Their caramel apple dressing is disgustingly amazing. The fact that they make it in the morning is awesome. One day I walked in and they were like, “Oh, we didn’t make your dressing this morning.” I was like, “You are kidding? You have no idea what you did to my day.” If you say to somebody who’s not used to Downtown that you have this amazing thing you look forward to and it’s called a salad, they’re like, “What’s wrong with you?” But it’s that good.

Drinks on Milestone’s patio

When you can take a piece of another city and feel like you’re living it in Columbus, I love that. Getting drinks on Milestone’s patio … because of the fountains, feels so big city, and maybe like you’re by the beach because you’re getting air from the fountains and there’s so much pedestrian traffic. When people come in to town, that’s where I take them. You want to feel real deal Columbus? This is where we’re headed.


It’s marrying two of my favorite subjects, fashion and music. When they released that video that Mills James did, I was like, “Where did this come from? Is this happening here?” It’s going to be such an event that weekend; we don’t even have any idea yet. If they can pull it off and then do it again and again and again, that’s a humungous deal for Columbus. [Robert Mason is] a designer that’s going to present … so we get the VIP tickets to all the different stages. I’m going to be overwhelmed.

Robert Grimmett

Founder/owner of Robert Mason