Pop Culture: Gossip This!

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Columbus Alive

Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem died at age 82. Counting down from 40 will never be the same. 

TV journalist Matt Lauer says of all his interviews Tom Cruise was the most awkward interviewee and Sandra Bullock sometimes makes him nervous.

Comedian Dave Chappelle told Jimmy Fallon a story about the first time he met Kanye West. It quickly went viral because it so perfectly highlights why we simultaneously love and hate Kanye. It happened before Kanye was famous and Chappelle overheard him taking a phone call. The rapper said he couldn't do whatever the person on the other line wanted him to do that day "because my life is dope and I do dope shit." #dopefish 

Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce went on a four-day yoga retreat together. The two ate artisanal gluten-free kale and discussed unusual baby names. Next year Kelly Clarkson will join them. The singer just had her first child — a baby girl named River Rose.

Actress Keira Knightley reportedly only pays herself $50,000 per year, despite her film company earning millions annually. Also, for her wedding she wore a revamped gown she once wore to a red carpet event. Knightley is the new Jennifer Lawrence! Now with more coordination!

Dave Coulier,aka Uncle Joey, is engaged. Don't worry, ladies. Taye Diggs, aka Hottest Man Alive, is now single. Did you know Diggs and Idina Menzel, aka Adele Dazim, were married for 10 years? 

Bill Murray crashed a South Carolina couple's engagement photo shoot. The comedian, known for these surprise-and-disappear antics, started flashing the pair his belly behind the photographer's back before posing for a picture with them. I think this recent rash of mythical Murray appearances with Normals deserves him a spot as Drunker Uncle on SNL, yes? Make it happen, Twitter.