Pop Culture: Sports Bites

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Columbus Alive


Golak: The World Cup is underway. Obviously, you gotta be pulling for the USA (USA! USA!). But with a shaky Cup history and a killer group, who's the back-up country you're pulling for?

Sumukh: I find the best way to cheer for a team in a random game is by picking based on how much you love the food that originated from that country. So, while I’d like to pick Greece, they may have a similar fate as the U.S., so it might be best to stick with Spain or Brazil. Definitely avoid England.


Sumukh: The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat to win the NBA title and prevent LeBron James from a three-peat. Within seconds of the NBA offseason starting, it seemed like the Spurs didn’t even matter and the biggest question was this: Do you see LeBron in a new uniform next year?

Golak: Definitely. Those new ones with the sleeves the NBA has been rolling out. How atrocious looking are those things?


Golak: Father's Day was just upon us. We both love our pops. And sports. What's your favorite father/son sports moment? I'm a big fan of Ken Griffey, Jr. hitting back-to-back homeruns with Sr. against the Angels.

Sumukh: My favorite father/son moment was when Tiger Woods won his first major at the 1997 Masters and hugged his dad afterwards, until this past weekend when it got trumped by me asking my dad what he wanted for Father’s Day and he said, “for LeBron to get his butt kicked,” and then the Spurs gave him that gift.


Sumukh: The Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup. Per the tradition that’s developed, every player on the team gets a day with the Cup. If you had a day with the Cup, what would you do with it?

Golak: I'd have grand plans, but we'd probably just end up cuddling on the couch and watching Netflix.