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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, according to an "unofficial spokesman for the regime," is not happy about comedians James Franco and Seth Rogen's newest movie "The Interview." The plot is about an attempt to assassinate Jong-un. Jonah Hill, though? The dictator's totally cool with him.

Soccer star Hope Solo was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly attacking her sister and nephew. Also, Hope Solo is perhaps the most distracting celebrity name ever. 

A man who was stalking actress Sandra Bullock was arrested and a search of his home revealed he had an arsenal of weapons, reported the media and paparazzi that follow the actress 24 hours a day.

Ed Sheeran, a singer only 16-year-olds with braces and Taylor Swift have heard of, told a magazine he thinks of his friend Taylor Swift "as an old lady." Continuing the conspiracy that Swift is actually a 65-year-old woman is the fact that she just got a second cat, makes her friends cross-stitch art and, of course, writes hits songs such as "Dear John Boehner (Let's Talk About Medicare)."

Former teen love-uuhs Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen canoodling on Instagram, setting up the storyline that she will save him from himself, like any good woman.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West told reporters they spent four days perfecting their wedding picture for Instagram. Funny, that's how long many people thought the marriage would last.

In revealing celebrity interview news: Country singer Tim McGraw was a drunk until his wife Faith Hill gave him an ultimatum of booze or their family; now, Men's Health notes, he has a sick six-pack — of abs! And actress Jena Malone told the A.V. Club that she turned down Lindsay Lohan's role in "The Parent Trap" three times.