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Golak: Cleveland Browns' defensive back Joe Haden said that while rookie Johnny Manziel needs to be cautious about being swept up in off-the-field festivities, he is a "grown man" on the field so far — showing up to team meetings and practices on time and working hard at them. Does Haden's update and assessment of Manziel make you feel better about the rookie QB?

Sumukh: I'll feel better about this "grown man" when I see how he fares against "monster" AFC North defenses. His toughest opponent so far has been anything inflatable in a swimming pool.


Sumukh: Carmelo Anthony has decided to opt out of his contract with the New York Knicks and will enter free agency. There are rumors he could join the Miami Heat and turn "The Big Three" into "The Big Four." How would you feel about that?

Golak: Well, as far as championships go, this Heat incarnation is only at “The Mid-Sized Two.” Will adding a fourth bring them up to three? I don’t see it. But, I could be biased by the fact that when I think of LeBron, only two words come to mind.


Golak: Big Ten President Jim Delany said paying college athletes would likely spell the end of the Big Ten conference and the Rose Bowl game. Do you buy his hyperbole, or do you think it's another blow of smoke from the higher-ups to knock this pay issue down before it gains traction?

Sumukh: Well, it's pretty interesting Delany would come up with an excuse to protect an unfair system by saying that it would be the end of the very conference he's a leader of. Deny a small amount of recognition to the group that you need to keep your fat paycheck going.


Sumukh: After two losses, England was bounced from the World Cup before the group stage even ended. With its rabid fan base, do you feel bad the English keep underperforming on the biggest stage, or do you find it funny to see how angry their supporters get?

Golak: I find it funny. But I’m the kind of guy who still has a chuckle over the Brits’ big loss in 1783.