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The idea started as a joke. Prior to his wife, Allison, boarding a plane for L.A., Jeremy Scott joked he was tired of his day job and was going to open a record store when she returned. “Oh, and you can cut hair in the back,” he remembered telling her during an interview at King Avenue 5 this week. Her friends in L.A. loved the idea, and soon after her return to Columbus, the couple set about opening Columbus’ first salon and record store. Located in a 1,700-square-foot space in Grandview, Broken Records and Beehives has been open since last September with a well-curated record collection, a man cave — complete with pool table, armchairs and soccer jerseys — and the salon. Another stylist has joined the fold, and there’s space for one more, plus a barber and nail tech. They’ve held concerts and plan for more community outreach in the future.

Jason Molina

Mind you, I’m wearing a Guided By Voices T-shirt, and no offense to Bob Pollard, because I love Bob Pollard, too, but you look at Ohio, and it’s [Jason Molina], he’s the pinnacle. But he gets undersold a lot. He was prolific as hell. He’s from Lorain, Ohio, has so many incredible records and lyrically, it’s just some of the most poignant stuff I’ve ever heard.

Post-World Cup soccer in the U.S.

I’m a huge “Men of Blazers” [podcast] fan. Their tag line is the best: “America’s sport of the future since 1970.” That’s kind of the way it always feels, but I’m excited for post-World Cup soccer in America, to see how it picks up. There’s definitely been an attitude shift toward soccer. I love that non-soccer fans are latching onto it. But I’ve seen it before with World Cups, and it doesn’t last. I’ve seen a lot more people — compared to four years ago — really getting behind this team, and I’d love to see it blossom a little more.

Tree Bar

It’s a great dive bar, owned by two people I absolutely adore, and they have top-shelf whiskey. But it’s still overlooked for a place that had such a powerful mythos and legend because it’s no longer Andyman’s Treehouse. Yeah, there’s a stump there now, but it’s still a great place. It’s still probably what you remember, but it’s different, and that doesn’t mean it’s worse.

Tybee Island, Georgia

It’s about 15-20 minutes east of Savannah. We got married on the beach there. There’s one corporate thing on it, and it’s an Arby’s. It’s all mom-and-pop restaurants and bars. We’ll probably move there someday. It’s beautiful — the weather, the architecture, the places to go, the food, the hospitality, the ability to walk around with an open container, the history. It’s a little gem. I should be on the Tybee Island tourist association because I’m always pushing it on people and I’ve gotten a couple people to go down there. It’s not like a party place or anything. It’s not Daytona of the north; it’s definitely a little more low-key.

Alcoholic ginger beer with Jameson or Gin

Instead of having your song of the summer, we have the drink of the summer. Lately, we’ve become obsessed with ginger beer — the alcoholic kind — paired with Jameson or gin. We discovered it the day after Record Store Day. We got our butts kicked [during Record Store Day], but in a good way, and I was like, “Come on, we had a long day, let’s go out to Easton.” We were thinking the stores would be open on Easter Sunday, and they weren’t, so we went to Fado’s, and the bartender asked what we wanted, and we didn’t know, so he pointed to that and … we were like, “ohmygodthisisthegreatestthingever.” It’s been our calling card since. Some places have ginger beer, but the non-alcoholic kind, which tastes just fine, but the thing with the Crabbie’s is it’s alcoholic, so you’re adding gin or Jameson on top and it has double the punch. A lot of times we just have it at home. It’s not exactly a cheap drink if you’re going to a bar.

Jeremy Scott

Co-owner, Broken Records and Beehives

1517 Hess St. Suite 100, Grandview