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This weekend, CD102.5’s promotions and marketing director Kara Jones will complete a 100-mile bike ride. Or not. She’s a little unconcerned about finishing that portion of Pelotonia, because she’s already finished the most important part: meeting her fundraising goal of $1,400. Jones got involved with the fundraising bike ride — even though she “hasn’t been on a bike in I couldn’t tell you how long” — because her dad, Evan [pictured], was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer last March. “Obviously, it hit our family hard,” she said. Her dad’s doing better now, and Jones is already looking forward to next year’s ride. In addition to her Pelotonia obsession, here are a few other things Jones loves these days.

Meg Myers

[“Desire”] was one of the singles that when I first heard it at CD102.5, I ran into the studio like, “Who is this?!” I looked her up and listened to all her other stuff and was like, “Oh, I’m into this. I like this girl.” I’m obsessed with her because it’s hard to find a lot of women lead singers. She’s super dark and angsty, and it’s sexy at the same time. I caught her at Bunbury, and I just saw her at Lollapalooza. She puts on a hell of a show. Hopefully, she’ll swing by Columbus.

Goat cheese

I don’t trust people who don’t eat cheese. I love cheese. I’m always going to be obsessed with cheese, but I love goat cheese the most. I love everything about goat cheese. It’s salty and soft and delicious. If I go to a restaurant and there’s something with goat cheese on it, I’m going to get that. Whether I enjoy the rest of the meal or not, I’ll like the goat cheese. I like a burger with goat cheese the most, but I’ll eat it on a bagel, crackers or just plain. When I went to Grandpa’s Cheesebarn [in Ashland], it was too much. I spent too much, like $80, but I don’t care, it was delicious.


I wanted to do something to channel my emotions and keep my mind busy. I thought, “I can ride a bike.” I went the whole nine yards — the bike, the helmet, the padded shorts, which are not cute. I’ve already raised close to $4,000, so whether I complete the ride or not, I’ve met my goal, and that’s the most important part. And the good thing is, my dad’s doing much better, only because of the James. We’re very lucky to have such an amazing hospital and fundraiser like Pelotonia. I’m already obsessed with it, and I’m definitely doing it again.


It rocks more than October. Everyone’s all, “Oh, Rocktober.” No, September rocks more this year. 1.) It’s my birthday month. 2.) All the concerts that are coming up. Everything from the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant, to War on Drugs and J. Roddy and Lorde. It’s like, “Holy crap, where did all these bands come from?” That’s Rocktober to me. Plus, I’m really looking forward to Independents’ Day this year, too. That’s my favorite festival besides Pride.

Upcoming Blue Jackets season

When I was the assistant promotions director, I had to go to every game because CD102.5 is a part of every home game. I didn’t know anything about hockey. I started going to hockey games and realized how easy it was to follow and how fun it was — I mean, I’m a big fan of men in uniforms, so there’s that. They cheer for food, which I think is hilarious. After three goals, they do the chili chant, which is my favorite chant ever. You get to scream and be loud and fun and obnoxious, and that’s OK because that’s how it is.

Kara Jones

CD102.5 promotions and marketing director