Things We Love: Alive staff picks

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Columbus Alive


The Winemaker’s Shop’scraft sodas

I discovered I actually like root beer/cream soda recently after sampling some at the Clintonville Farmers Market. I’ve been craving it since.


Kraft House No. 5

Smoky. Savory. Sweet. Chef Marcus Meacham nails it all. Worth the drive to Powell.


The Wilds

I went on an open-air safari tour and took a selfie with a camel. It was a pretty good time.

Lauren K.


The Republic of Tea makes a HiCAF Tea in toasted coconut that is super tasty and packs a 140-miligram punch of caffeine. If that doesn't wake you up, then you should check your pulse. 


Spoon’sThey Want My Soul

Two decades and eight albums in, Britt Daniels and Co. deliver one of their sharpest efforts.


“The Knick”

The new Cinemax series starring Clive Owen as a surgeon in 1900 is dark, weird and occasionally downright disgusting, but Steven Soderbergh’s masterful direction — of every episode — makes “The Knick” unlike anything else on TV right now.


Gratuitous relationship-related facebook posts.

The entire world wants … no … NEEDS to know how in love you are.


My Wacom wireless tablet

I've had this little guy for a number of years and he works just as well as the first day I bought it. It lets me get into a photo and edit very, very tiny details. And with a pressure sensitive stylus, there are way more subtle differences than when you try to paint with a mouse.