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In addition to the news that actor Robin Williams had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, "sources" also revealed he was devastated his TV show "The Crazy Ones" was cancelled after one season. :/

Singer Christina Aguilera had a baby girl, and she is beautiful, no matter what you say. 

Singer Ciara tweeted angry messages at US Weekly magazine for a story it ran that her relationship with fiancé/rapper Future was off. It was a lie, apparently. And you better believe her ass is not doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

A woman named Tina Seals reportedly filed a maternity lawsuit against singer Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z, saying she is actually the person whose vag birthed the couple's baby. That is also a lie. It is common knowledge Blue Ivy descended upon the people in an Illuminati-sanctioned cloud burst carried from the descended heavens to land by a caravan of three narwhals.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, the lead singer from Coldplay and former Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow, are reportedly dating. Huh? We could have seen a maternity lawsuit against The Beyonces coming before we saw this one.

Celebrities Nelly, T.I., Kevin Hart, and (sport$ person) Al Jefferson are pledging $15,000 a year in scholarships to teens selected by the family of Michael Brown, the African-American teenager who was reportedly shot unarmed by a Caucasian police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Actress Mila Kunis did yoga whilst pregnant. 

Andrew Keegan. Remember Andrew Keegan? If you grew up in the ’90s, you remember Andrew Keegan, Teen Beat regular. Well, he started his own new age temple. It is a spiritual movement called Full Circle, which works to use the performing arts to answer life's toughest questions. My question: Is he still hot?