Pop culture: Sports bites

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Golak: Preseason efforts by Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos look top-notch. Do you think Peyton has a chance to snag that second Super Bowl ring before he calls it quits?

Sumukh: As one of the best quarterbacks of all-time, he definitely has a chance, but preseason efforts aren’t important. If preseason were an indication of things to come, Brandon Weeden would have snagged his first Super Bowl ring last year.


Sumukh: The Florida State Seminoles are ranked No. 1 in the polls going into this college football season. The preseason No. 1 normally isn’t a good spot to be in. Do you think the Seminoles will hold on throughout the year and repeat as champions?

Golak: The No. 1 spot is traditionally a bit of a curse; however, I don't think me, or any other sports analyst, telling Jameis Winston and the Seminoles they can't do it, is going to stop them.


Golak: The Phoenix Coyotes are set to sign a deal with Gila River Casino for the naming rights to its arena — branding it Gila River Arena. I guess it's a step up from its former namesake, Jobing.com Arena. Does this arena have the worst corporate-naming history in sports?

Sumukh: Considering the Coyotes once had an assistant coach who was involved in a gambling ring, perhaps an arena branded by a casino is more appropriate than we think.


Sumukh: Shawn Marion has decided to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. With Ray Allen potentially on the way, it looks like Cleveland is getting every aging role player available. Do these additions around LeBron make them good enough to win the title this year?

Golak: I believe so. Wherever Allen goes, championship possibilities seem to follow. Like those cats in old folks homes that can tell who is going to die next.