Pop Culture: Sports Bites

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Golak: A few days after being named the week one starter, Brian Hoyer had a lackluster preseason start against the St. Louis Rams. Is being named the Browns' starting QB a curse in itself or will Hoyer prove himself the right choice once the season kicks off?

Sumukh: It's a curse. Rams quarterback Sam Bradford tore his ACL in that game. At this point, I'd rather trade for him and just cart him out there — injury and all.

BIG LOVESumukh: After weeks of talk about it, Kevin Love has finally been traded to Cleveland. Now LeBron has created another "Big Three." How does it make you feel to have Cleveland do what Miami basically did four years ago?

Golak: I think what LeBron did to the city of Cleveland four years ago was reprehensible, and what the Heat did to the spirit of competition was condemnable. That being said — Yay! I'd rather be a hypocrite at a championship parade than a principled man with no team in the playoffs.


Golak: Joe Theismann called into question RGIII's presumably unopposed position as the team's starter, stating Kirk Cousins has played much better football in the preseason. Does Theismann, who is not a Redskins coach but merely a Washington sports-radio personality, have a point or is he just filling airtime with rhetoric that may gin up ratings?

Sumukh: I'm not sure what Theismann is doing. The last thing a former player needs to do is to drag his team's good name into the mud. Oh wait ...


Sumukh: Luis Suarez transferred to Barcelona and promised fans of the team he’d never bite another player again. Do you believe one of the strangest promises ever?

Golak: Tyson was able to go one and done, but Suarez shows a bit more of a patterned history. I don't think he should be banned from play, but I'd think about adding a muzzle to his kit.