Things We Love: DJ Pos2's picks

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Columbus Alive

Derrick Hill (or DJ Pos2 as most know him in Columbus’ hip-hop community) has been around the scene for a while. He deejayed during the infamous Bernie’s days and was a member of the DJ crew the Fonosluts. Now he’s deejaying some of the city’s more underground events like the bi-monthly show series Buggin’ Out and the newly created Vibes N Stuff.

Yellow Brick Pizza

Yellow Brick is one of the places I’ve been going to since I’ve been in Olde Towne East. I love going there for a good pizza. I don’t drink, but they do have awesome root beer. I’ve gone there for a root beer a couple times. I always make my own pizza. I get the 10-inch and the Dante Sauce, and then I put chicken, pineapple, banana peppers and spinach on it. That’s my combo. The atmosphere’s dope too.

Collecting 45s

I’ve been collecting 45s recently, specifically hip-hop 45s, which are hard to come by. I found a couple LL Cool J 45s, early Fat Boys and some Too $hort. I’ve got LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad,” the Fat Boys one was “Jail House Rap” and the Too $hort one was “Short But Funky.” It was a different challenge and something new. Showing up to a party and rocking a 45 set and it sounding good is pretty impressive ’cause it’s harder to spin 45s than anything else.

iMPC app

I’ve been buying DJ software and apps for the iPad. The MPC app is actually not too far from the real thing, honestly. The MPC app is like $8 and a regular MPC starts at like $500, and the app does basically the same thing. For the most part it can get the job done. Everything is more push-button anyways as far as all the new mixers and stuff everybody is getting. A lot of times DJs already have the music matched up, so they’re not really matching the pitch and speeding it up or down.


I’ve really been into the Mike Brown case. That’s been huge for me. Police brutality is something that’s been going on for ages, but it’s to a point where Americans are frustrated and done with it. There’s so much focus on it right now and I’m hoping that stays that way. There’s a lot of good things going on in Ferguson, like people coming up with committees and positive change for the community. It’s a really sad story, though. That young man did not deserve to die.

Living with my daughter

My daughter lives with me now. She’s starting her junior year of high school. She goes to Franklin Heights. We’re going to be moving into a house in January or February and move closer to her school. It’s just adapting to that because usually she’s living with her mom, so it’s a whole different experience and the challenges that brings. That’s pretty much been my only focus for the past month.

Derrick "DJ Pos2" Hill