Fashion: What are you wearing, Gina Heartless?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hair: “After being every color of the rainbow, I feel like blonde is easiest to maintain and goes with clothes the best. That, and I get to play the ‘dumb blonde’ card if I feel like it.”

Nose ring/Monroe piercing: Piercology. “I always wear a hoop in my nose because it brings back the ’90s and that’s where I’m living! I feel like having the Monroe piercing opposite the nose ring balances out my piercings.”

Necklaces: From “My friend does custom horror jewelry, so she made me one for my horror magazine, Necro Girls. The other is a mouse skull because I collect taxidermy stuff.”

T-Shirt: “I work at, and I had to have this ‘On Wednesdays we wear black’ tank because ‘Mean Girls’ for days.”

Wrist/hip scarves: Thrifted. “I like to add color to my outfits (which are mostly black) with scarves and accessories. I picked orange because Halloween is coming, and it’s my absolute favorite holiday.”

Leggings: “I like the leather look, but they are comfortable like regular leggings.”

Boots: Dr. Martens. “I’ve always loved knee-high boots, and Docs last forever.”

Rings: gifted. “My favorite one (besides my engagement ring) is the black onyx ring my fiancé gave me. Black onyx is my absolute favorite.”

Tattoo: Sweet Baby Octane. “I drew the design to capture different parts of my personality. I can be cute and funny, but if you piss me off, I’m going to put this cake in a bear trap. I just recently added the pumpkins because I’m getting married on Halloween at the Haunted Hoochie.”

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Age: 30

Hometown: German Village

Current Neighborhood: Downtown

Day job:, co-owner at Necro Girls Magazine and Lucy Fur at The Haunted Hoochie

Currently Listening to: Faith No More

Personal style: Gypsy grunge.

Style Icons: Kelly Bundy, Sheri Moon Zombie and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.