Things We Love: Kareem Jackson shares some of his favorite things

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If you don't know what Kareem Jackson likes, just visit his store. As the co-owner of Milk Bar boutique in the Short North, Jackson's shop is littered with the charm of a Midwest hustler and a touch of his contradictive retro-forward style. His motorcycle often makes a store appearance when he's working at the High Street shop. Among the gaudy brilliance that is Milk Bar, Jackson shared with us five things he loves. He might even tell you himself if you're ever able to snag a cigar with him at Montecristo Lounge.

1970 Harley Davidson Shovelhead with a swingarm

I'm into vintage, old school Harleys or choppers. It doesn't necessarily need to be a Harley, just because the culture is completely different than riding around with people in stock bikes. It's more hands-on. I'd have to go with the '70 Davidson Shovelhead swingarm. It's the type of bike I like - Frisco style, which is like an old California style. [It's] slimmer, so you can just cruise through the hills of San Francisco with no problems.

Tatuaje cigars

I like a lot of brands. I just like the culture. I like the wraps, the people you meet - old, young, [there's] a lot of storytelling and a lot of interesting faults going on. If I picked a brand it'd be Tatuaje. They actually have a Halloween series they do every year, so that's a good cigar brand. Tatuaje is actually tattoo in Spanish for you people who don't know. Not everyone is educated in cigars.

A.P.C. Selvedge Jeans

I like Raw Denim. I like Selvedge more than I do Raw. I just like the fact that there's a whole culture behind it and even the young kids are getting into it. It was just a niche before that you do with the work-wear brands just because it actually has more significance when you build it yourself. It's your wash. It's your style that you made from your daily activity, and it's not something you just bought in the store. A.P.C. is a good brand - everybody loves A.P.C., sold at Milk Bar, cheap plug (laughs).

Early 1970s El Caminos

I like El Caminos, preferably early '70s bodies. I'd want one with a 350 engine in it. You look cool and you go fast and if you've got the skills you can make it a 4x4. I would have it in all black. But I'd take a '60s body, too. If I would go any later, I'd get an '80s Monte Carlo body. The late '70s body is a horrible-looking body. Got to be early '70s/late '60s. I just love the style. People hate on it so much, but it's like a car/truck - everything you want - and it has an engine of a hotrod, so you've got the best of both worlds.

Repop-MFG Rings

These are biker-style rings usually made out of brass, but now they're made out of silver and gold. The biker rings were a style that was used for legal brass knuckles. All of their stuff is made after re-styled Mexican biker rings where people would actually travel to Mexico and get rings melted down from Pesos to make solid, thick rings so you could actually hit somebody with it, but it was legal to do it. Repop-MFG makes their own version of a Mexican biker ring. I'm not going to hit anybody with it - I just like the style.

Kareem Jackson

Co-owner of Milk Bar