Things We Love: Zach Traxler's picks

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

Since opening in 2010 in an apartment basement as a T-shirt printer, Traxler Custom Printing has outgrown three other locations to fit its ever-growing needs. Now the printing company, whose services range from T-shirt printing to embroidery to full promotional marketing production, has moved into a fourth. The new location (3029 Silver Dr.) more than doubles the printing company's previous space, giving co-owner/founder Zach Traxler confidence he's found the most permanent location his rising business has ever known.

RC airplanes and quad copers

My dad was a T-shirt guy as well, but his background was aviation. Going to Air Force bases, meeting Chuck Yeager and those guys, really got me interested in airplanes, but I got burned out on it as a kid, couldn't afford it as a kid. But now that everything's made in China, it's super cheap to make, and you can … simply look up online to learn how to fly something. My daughter, every day I get home, she goes "Chopper! Chopper! Chopper!" and demands I play it. There are some small parks by my house, we'll fly around there or my front yard.


It gives me goosebumps to see a banner like [the Guardians Against the Galaxy] drop. The 8-bit one they did, the play on words, the art - it's amazing. I believe that whole piece of fabric was yellow to begin with, and they painted it 99-percent black just to get those characters to come out. The momentum [#TIFOSWEAT has] built with something like that in and around a sports team here, that's huge. My ultimate goal is to literally put in some tifo sweat in the very near future.

Zauber Oktoberfest beer

All I used to drink were heifezens and cheap beer like PBR and Miller High Life. My all-time go-to is Bell's Two Hearted and Oberon. But when I go out, I see all these new beers on tap, and I'm like, "Dude, I have to change it up." I like hops, but nothing too hoppy, and I don't drink Oktoberfest beers usually, but this Zauber beer is not overly pumpkin-y, which is awesome, and it's not too hoppy. I'm definitely dehydrated right now from printing all morning, and this is hitting the spot.

Handyman stuff

This house we have in Upper Arlington … is a 1950s home, so it needs some updating. We're trying to keep it mid-century modern but make it a little more high-tech to suit my needs. Last week, I was under the house and redid all the drain pipes. It's a sense of self-satisfaction. As a small-business owner, I'm constantly fixing things, not because I want to, but because I have to. Bringing that into the home, the way you approach it is much more methodical, because you get to plan it out. Like, I'm going to replace this with this because it'll last 80 years and not 20 years. I don't dread it at all. Most people would, though some of the projects are daunting. Now all the drain pipes, you could drop a golf ball down them, which is awesome.

Getting to know my neighbors

I've lived in Columbus for 12, 13 years now. I've never owned a home. I've always worked on the apartments I've lived in. Now I have more of a sense of community. The dynamic of Upper Arlington is totally different from Clintonville. Clintonville, whether you're renting or a homeowner, everybody's out in the front yard playing, the kids are playing. I knew most of my neighbors. Upper Arlington, you see Joe Smith drive up in a nice car, pull into garage and you don't see your neighbor for the rest of the night. That's kind of weird, so I've been trying to get out into our community directly … to get to know the area. I'm not trying to shake things up in the neighborhood, but I'd really like to get to know my neighbors and see my neighbors socialize more. I know they have their own lives, but we try to play in the front yard. I think getting to know my new neighbors is a cool opportunity.

Zach Traxler

Co-owner/founder, Traxler Custom Printing