Things We Love: Picks from Ohio Game Developer Expo's Chris Volpe

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The Ohio Game Developer Expo this weekend seeks to bridge the gap between being a convention for gamers and those who make the games (whether board or video based). “We want to celebrate the gamer culture,” said Chris Volpe, one of the expo’s founders. “But we want people who are interested in turning this into a career to have networking opportunities, too.” Last year, more than 750 people showed up, and organizers expect even more at this year’s event at COSI. Festivities kick-off Friday at Strongwater, with game previews and live music, before shifting to Studio 35 for a showing of “The King of Arcades.” For more on the expo, head to

“Persona 4” on Playstation Vita

It’s a Japanese RPG, and I’ve been playing it for the past five months now. I told my friend I’m 45 hours in and close to beating it, and he’s like, “Nope, sorry.” It’s really interesting, really well-thought-out, and it deals with heavy issues in an interesting way. It’s got an engaging story, and the characters are well-written and well-acted. It definitely scratches that RPG itch for me.

Horror Acres

That place is an insane haunted house. The best I’ve ever been to — scary as shit. Most haunted houses aren’t allowed to touch you … but at one point one of the chainsaw guys picked my friend up and literally threw him out the door — it was awesome. They had places you could get lost, and we got stuck in a loop once. They’re also really good at misdirection. This one will have you looking in a different direction, and then the floor will drop out from under you.

Pumpkin seeds

I eat them ’til I’m sick. I look forward to [roasting pumpkin seeds] every year. I have my special recipe; I keep it very traditional — some oil, salt. I’ve been perfecting my [roasting] time, oil-to-salt ratio and temperature in the oven. We carved out five pumpkins just for the seeds, literally just carved them out and threw the husks in the trash. After Halloween’s over, you get that week where you can get them on clearance, which I’ll hit up hardcore because you can get them for a buck.

The Avett Brothers’The Carpenter

I’ve come back to that album a lot lately. I listen to it at least once a day, maybe even multiple times a day. There’s very few albums I’ll come back to, but this is one of them. That album’s doing it for me. I like the songwriting a lot, the way it flows. Their songs tell interesting stories. They’re not quite like Paul Simon, where his songs are like literally listening to a story, an old man reading a story to you. It’s the kind of stuff you find a way to connect to, and it has a little hope.

“Criminal Minds”

It’s an all-in-all pretty dumb show, but for whatever reason [my girlfriend and I] jumped onto watching serial killer shows like “Criminal Minds,” “Law and Order SVU.” We watched like eight hours straight of “Criminal Minds” this weekend. You get those moments where you’re like, what they can show on TV is insane compared to when we were kids.

Chris Volpe

CEO/President, Multivarious Games

President and co-founder of the Ohio Game Developer Association 


Ohio Game Developer Expo

Friday-Sunday, Oct. 24-26

Various locations, including Strongwater, Studio 35 and COSI