Fashion: What are you wearing, Leidra Sunkle?

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Columbus Alive

Lipstick: “I always wear a bright lipstick; typically a red or an orange shade. If I don’t, my clothes will drown out my face.”

Cape: Thrifted. “I’m really into vintage patterns and colors; I feel like they are more playful and expressive. I like to hunt for my clothes to find unique pieces.”

T-Shirt: Ghetto Vintage. “Josh [Harden] gave me a tour of his warehouse and let me go through his entire T-shirt inventory. I loved this shirt because it’s in pristine condition considering how old it is, and I’m a bit of a dancing machine.”

Bracelet: Gifted from my grandmother. “This is my most prized possession. It was my Grandmother’s charm bracelet from her world travels in the ’60s and ’70s.”

Ring: Gifted from my grandmother. “She wore it all the time, and I remember loving it even when I was a little girl. It was left to me when she passed. I’ll wear it until it falls apart.”

Belt: Thrifted. “I was drawn to the color of this belt. The original tag was on it when I found it, but it was so old the ink had worn off.”

Denim: Free People: “The high-waisted fit complements my body shape.”

Boots: Flower Child. “I like to wear my boots until they fall apart, and these are just about right. They are fur lined and feel like I’m wearing leg warmers.”

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Leidra Sunkle

Age: 30-something

Hometown: Columbus

Current neighborhood: Olde Towne East

Currently listening to: James Brown

Day job: Wine sales representative

How would you describe your personal style? "Bright colors and era pieces. I love to have fun as much as possible, and I want my clothes to reflect that."

Style Icons: "I don't have an icon, but I love '60s-'70s fashion. People were braver and more fun then; I tend to get bored with fashion today."