Things We Love: Picks from Tigertree's Josh Quinn

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The world of exotic knickknacks and one-off collectibles that litter the shelves of Tigertree are just some of what Josh Quinn likes. A co-owner of one of the Short North’s most storied storefronts, Quinn’s interests are perhaps as unique as his business..

Harry Nilsson

Hands down my favorite musical artist. He has a voice that can pierce you with one phrase and make you laugh in the next, but it never feels inauthentic. I discovered him by happenstance, buying a record in an L.A. thrift store because I liked the cover and thought it might be alright and just got obsessed with him after that. My band Dead Is Dead is actually going to be doing the entire album Nilsson Schmilsson live in the spring.  

Tulum, Mexico

The first time I saw the water in Tulum I was blown away. It’s, like, 20 shades of turquoise, and so clear you can paddleboard out to the reef and seriously look straight down to bottom. The hotels are all around 10 rooms, and basically the entire place is off the grid. For the most part, the hotels are on the beach side of the road and the restaurants are sort of just carved out of the jungle on the other side. 

The Short North

It’s the entire reason we live in Columbus. We’ve been searching for other neighborhoods and cities to expand our store and can’t find anything that comes close to the mix of independent shops and restaurants while maintaining such a neighborhood feel in the residential parts.  

Canter’s reubens

Like the Short North of sandwiches, accept not available in Columbus. We used to frequent Canter’s when we were L.A. residents and fell in love with their reuben. We have to go to Vegas twice a year for trade shows and the Canter’s that opened in Treasure Island was one of the few things that made the trip tolerable. 


I got hooked in L.A., but still try and go as much as I can. My parents retired to Virginia Beach so I have a few boards stashed at their place, a couple in my basement here for standing-wave river stuff and a paddleboard for when there aren’t any other options. It’s about the most focused and the most relaxed I can get at the same time.  Even on days with a bad break I can spend eight hours in the water and come out feeling better than I did when I went in.

Vintage World Warpropagandaposters

I’ve got a decent collection of World War I and World War II propaganda posters. I’ve always really been drawn to poster art specifically. I’m not really a big art connoisseur, but I’m very practical, so for me, I like the typography and the artwork that goes into these vintage pieces. It’s more important for me because they were for this very specific purpose, whether it’s bonds or recruitment or whatever.

Josh Quinn

Co-owner, Tigertree