Fashion: What are you wearing, Rebekah Fox?

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Eye makeup: "I've done cat-eye eyeliner for so long, I considered getting it tattooed on."

Lipstick: Revlon. "The color is called 'shameless.' I like it because it's a little rowdy."

Earring: By Aubrey Roberts. "I'm into wearing one earring at a time."

Septum ring: "This was the second piercing Shawn Lower [of Only Flesh] did. It was a little uneven at first."

Necklace: Frijolera. "I went to Blackheart Fest this year, and I won a raffle to pick a prize. I picked this necklace by Celia Ann of Frijolera. It's a cameo made with real human teeth!"

T-Shirt. Gifted. "This is a 1984 Motley Crue and Ozzy [Ozbourne] tour T-shirt my friend gave me. I've done stage set-up for Motley Crue a few times."

Vest: Gifted. "I've had this Soylent Green patch for years and didn't have anything to put it on until I got this vest from my ex's daughter. The dragon on it is holding a knife and a gun; it's so bad ass!"

Skirt: Thrifted. "I've found a ton of leather skirts at Ohio Thrift lately. I like leather because it keeps my booty warm."

Tights: "I like to add color to my (mostly black) outfits with tights. I cut out the toe and heal sections to turn them into stirrups."

Socks: "I've always loved knee socks, but I guess now they are part of the 'lumberjack chic' thing. Lady lumberjacks are cool, too."

Boots: JCPenney. "I got these a long time ago. I like a good black boot with a thick heel that doesn't get caught in bar mats or sidewalk cracks."

Age: 35

Hometown: Yellow Springs

Current neighborhood: Washington Beach

Day job: Stagehand/lighting designer at Newport Music Hall. Bartender at Strongwater Food & Spirits

Currently listening to: Motorhead

How would you describe your personal style? "Girly metal."

Fashion icons: Cory Minton, Haley Zontini and Dawn O'War