Land Grant Brewing Co. turns vandalized logo into fundraiser for local non-profits

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Local brewery owners are turning an act of vandalism into an act of kindness in Franklinton.

In the wee morning hours of December 7, Land Grant Brewing Co.'s barn-wood façade was vandalized. Large splotches of black, yellow, red and blue paint now litter the company logo. But rather than get angry, Land Grant Brewing Co.'s owner Adam Benner and creative director Walt Keys decided to commemorate the unfortunate event and simultaneously raise money for two worthy causes.

"Your first reaction is to be angry; we put a lot of work into our sign," Land Grant Brewing's creative director Walt Keys said. "But after we cooled down we thought we'd take the negative situation and turn it around into something good for the neighborhood [of Franklinton]. We came up with a T-shirt design and decided to give to the proceeds [from the shirts] to the Gladden Community House and The Harmony Project."

T-Shirts featuring the (artfully) defaced logo are currently being sold on Land Grant Brewing's website, with all the proceeds benefitting Franklinton-based non-profit organizations The Harmony Project and Gladden Community House.

The Gladden Community House provides community services including parenting and financial literacy classes, emergency financial assistance and links clients to community resources. The Harmony Project provides arts programming and volunteer community service.

"The response so far on social media has been great," Keys said. "We thought it was a clever idea, but we had no idea people would respond to the spirit of the project like they did."

According to Keys, customers will be able to pre-order the shirts through Christmas, and should receive them in the beginning of January. Currently, Land Grant Brewing has sold more than 275 shirts.

"We aren't sure who did it, and we hope it doesn't happen again," said Keys. "Hopefully whoever did it has found something more constructive to do with their time."