Fashion: What are you wearing, Sarah Cooperider?

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Columbus Alive

Hair: By Meg Harpe at Salon Lofts. “Meg has the best fade in town. People on the street will stop me and ask me where I get my hair done, and when I say ‘Meg Harpe,’ they always respond, ‘I knew it!’ She has some serious skill.”

Shirt: Thrifted from Out of The Closet. “I love shopping at Out of The Closet because of their great cause, and I always find something I like.”

Tie: Thrifted, Oscar de la Renta. “I love the color contrast on this tie. It brings the whole outfit together.”

Necklace: Purchased at Pride. “This necklace means a lot to me, and I was wearing it every day under my clothes. Then one day I decided to wrap it around my tie. Now it's a conversation piece.”

Vest: Gifted. “I was always a tomboy growing up, but I came from a conservative family so I wasn't allowed to dress that way. Now I don't give a fuck! This was the first vest I ever received from my best friend. As soon as I put on the vest and tie it just felt like it totally fit my personality.”

Pants: Thrifted. “I prefer men's pants because the pockets on women's pants are all wonky. Men's pants just feel more appropriate for my personality.”

Leather cuff: Cuffs by Blue at Comfest. “She doesn't make this style anymore, so I feel like it's ‘limited edition.’”

Bracelet: Blessed Be in Grove City. “I felt like this bracelet called to me, so I promised myself if it was at the shop the next time I went, I'd buy it. I felt like I was supposed to have it.”

Guitar: Taylor Acoustic/Electric. “I got a sweet deal on this from a friend of a friend. When people see me perform, they expect me to sound a certain way. I like to surprise them (in a good way). I'm more comfortable when I have my guitar.”

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Age: 33

Hometown: Columbus

Current neighborhood: Easton

Day job: "Corporate America" and booking shows for Secret Song Records

How would you describe your personal style: "One half dapper, one half hodgepodge. I'm still experimenting."

Style icons: "I am drawn to bold, confident people. It's more about their personality than what they are wearing. I also have a great group of artistic friends I pick up tips and tricks from."

The perfect accessory: "A good leather cuff."