Things We Love: Nom Life's Ewa Huang and Jeromy Kola

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Ewa Huang and Jeromy Kola love food. Whether it’s eating out or eating in, the duo behind the popular foodie Instagram account Nom Life doesn’t discriminate when it comes to documenting all the Columbus food scene has to offer.

“We’re both from restaurant families,” Kola said. “Her dad used to work in a restaurant and my family used to own a restaurant, so we’ve both just always been around food. That’s how we met, at a restaurant.”

Kola started Nom Life as a blog, and Huang hopped on nine months ago to help out with Instagramming their food adventures. Since then the two, who started dating almost five years ago, have collected over 1,700 followers, networked with major restaurant chains and successfully earned themselves a top spot as local trendsetters. Food is their focus, but it’s not the only thing on their radar. Here are some more things they love.

The festival trend

Huang:I work in merchandising trends for Abercrombie & Fitch’s home office, and I love the festival, bohemian trend. One of the places we want to go soon is the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas, and one of the main reasons I’m so set on going is to just look at all the amazing styles girls put together. It’s a great destination for stores to look and see what’s next.

Pat Stay

Kola: Pat Stay is the most vulgar battle rapper ever. I’m about to nerd out talking about him. I’m actually really big into rapping myself; I have a couple mixtapes, and I moved into the video production business and make videos for local rappers. Stay is a straight-up asshole, and his style is the kind of persona that inspires me. There are different styles of battle rapping. There’s a kind that is really intense, and then the kind that is a little softer [and more] poetic.

Katalina’s at Oddfellows

Huang: Brunch at Katalina’s is just the best, but since they’ve done the collaboration with Oddfellows it’s amazing because you can get alcohol and brunch. They have this amazing horchata with rum that tastes like chocolate milk with a fried plantain on top. I’m also trying to find Oddfellow’s secret champagne button. If you find it they bring you free champagne.

Japanese Eats on Bethel Road

Huang:We love Tensuke Market; it’s hands down our favorite sushi in the city. Also on Bethel Road is a Japanese bakery called Belle’s Bread, and they will sometimes sell their bread and really good sandwiches at Tensuke. It’s probably my favorite place to get sweets in the city.

Kola: Also on Bethel is this Korean grocery store called Arirang that has a super authentic, secret restaurant in the back. It’s amazing.

Alt J

Huang: They are my life. Their song “Fitzpleasure” is probably my favorite song right now. I was so upset I missed them at the CD1025 Holiday Show.


Huang: It’s such a useful tool. We love the people who follow us on Instagram. I think it’s really important to interact with followers on social media [because] it shows that you care about them and you want their opinions. We always try to make an effort to like their photos, ask them questions, things like that to engage them.

Ewa Huang and Jeromy Kola

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