Things We Love: Chan Hemintranont

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In early February, PAI Yoga Fitness in Dublin will once again offer its man-to-man yoga classes. The timing for the six-week series (taught by a guy and only open to men) isn’t a coincidence. “It runs between the Super Bowl and March Madness so they don’t have to worry about missing games,” owner Chan Hemintranont said. The class starts at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 7. We caught up with Chan at a downtown coffee shop recently to discuss her start in yoga, the January opening of her new studio in Gahanna (5576 N. Hamilton Rd.) and a few of her other favorite things.

Pai, Thailand

When I was there [in 2007], I was doing importing from China, so I had lot going on. I never really appreciated just being. Pai is a little town, and it takes a lot of effort to get to — 762 turns to be exact. People there are just so happy; they’re happy to feed their families and put food on the table, and they don’t feel their life is lacking in any way. I stayed for four-to-five days. It might be the only place, at that time in my life, where I totally forgot about everything else in my real life. After, I wanted to do something more meaningful. It felt like something was missing. After I came back, I started yoga teaching a little over a year later.

Scuba diving off West End of Roatan Island, Honduras

I’ve been diving quite a lot of places, but the place I like the most is Honduras. It’s really low-key, a dive town where people will dive three or four times a day — 9, 11, then lunch, then 2:30, and then once you come back around 4 or 4:30 and you watch the sunset, have dinner and you’re done, call it a day. Scuba diving gives me the same feeling as when I practice yoga, but also I can see cool creatures under the water. It’s very in the moment; when I’m down there I cannot think about something else because everything is so breathtaking.

Matcha Energy TehKu Tea from a Tea Room in Dublin

It has more chlorophyll than anything, so it alkalizes your body. Our body works better in an alkaline, low-acid state, and this has more chlorophyll than any other tea, and more caffeine than coffee. I feel like my skin’s better, and my energy levels are up. I feel like I’m living a healthier life when I drink it. I like it with my homemade coconut or almond milk. I put the milk over the powder and then make like a green tea latte.

Worthington Farmers Market

You can call me a health freak. I don’t buy any processed food. If I can, I want to get food where I know where it’s being made and I know it arrived the day before or week before. When you go to a health store or grocery store, the food came from Mexico or Jamaica, and the food looks so pretty on the shelf, but how long did it take to get there and what did they do to make it look that way? I like to support local farmers, so you know the things you’re eating are being harvested close by and by a real farmer. I feel more connected to my food, and I think it’s more flavorful. I know that every dollar I spend is going to help parents put food on the table or a little girl go to a dance class.


It’s a high-powered blender. I use it to make smoothies, nut butters and almond or coconut milk. I soak almonds overnight, and add like four cups of water in proportion to one cup of almonds, and I blend it.

Chan Hemintranont

Owner, PAI Yoga & Fitness